Who are we ?

As Makro Mensucat and Makroser Tekstil, we are proud of being Quality, Innovation and Reliable for more than 20 years. It produces fabrics, auto covers, home textiles and carpets in its integrated facilities, each of which has all the equipment of contemporary technology in its field. We are a company that organizes sales in the domestic and foreign markets in a balanced way, serves every income group with its wide customer base, closely follows and applies the technological developments of the sector.


  • Grow
  • be a brand
  • Establishing Corporate Governance Standards
  • Being Competitive
  • innovative
  • Customer Focus


To respond to the expectations of consumers from all walks of life by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground and constantly improving our product and service quality.


  • Strictly comply with laws and regulations
  • Upholding the principles of business ethics
  • Here's to sticking to the principles of transparency
  • Valuing labor and people
  • Work hard


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